Development ? does that speak to you?

The development phase includes all the steps between the design/idea of ​​the garment and the final, compliant prototype, in the final material.

In theory, this can be summarized in a very linear way: patronage, model, canvas, correction, final proto.
Except that in practice, this is anything but the case.
Each stage opens up new possibilities, each technical constraint/problem brings something new, an evolution, we constantly oscillate between long strides and backtracking.

It's a process that fascinates and inspires me, to see the idea come to life, evolve, transform, grow, to sometimes arrive at a result that I would not have envisaged at the start.

I think I'm totally addicted to development: I can spend days on pocket models, get up at night to rework a pattern, it puts my brain in turmoil, I love it. I could talk about this for hours.

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