Uncool kids will run the world

I have kept this sentence to myself for years: I jot it down in my notebooks, on post-its, I embroider it on my coat, my t-shirts.

In my cluttered computer, the folder containing everything related to this is still called “uncool kids”. It has been part of the brand's DNA from the start.

So when I was asked "Do you really think parents will buy clothes saying their kids aren't cool?" I winced.

I winced because for me it was underestimating the second degree of parents.

I winced because this word "cool" has, in my opinion, far too much weight. I never really felt “cool”. Not in school, nor during my years in high-end ready-to-wear. Even less since I became a parent, now that I'm even more freaked out for 1000 things, and that the "cool" becomes one more injunction in the universe of parenting which already has so many.

And I especially winced because this sentence, it is not intended for parents but for children. To those who often have the impression of being a little too much or not enough, of not being in their place, of not being part of the gang/crew/gang/squad/club...

So I wrote it on the labels. A discreet reminder, inside their clothes. Like a charm. A reminder that tells them that no matter what coolness sends back to them, I know. I know how unique they are and that they will achieve amazing things.

This sentence, I hope you can hear it the same way and make it your own.

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