{cé-oucle} (Occitan) masculine noun. Circle variant. Assembly, group of friends.

Born from the desire to create a timeless wardrobe, Cèucle is a minimalist, unisex and upcycled ready-to-wear brand, made in France.

The notion of unisex feeds the design of the pieces and the wardrobe. It is addressed in particular via a versatility of wear and the sizes offered, the result of specific gradation.

The volumes are designed to allow ase and freedom of movement, so that the
garment adapts to the wearer and never the other way around.

The construction of the minimalist wardrobe aims to offer pieces that have a different relationship to time, situated in a temporality that goes against the rhythms of fast fashion and its quickly identifiable trends. Cèucle pieces, “shy clothes” through the subtlety and discretion of their details, require that we take the time to discover and observe them.

The search for asymmetry, shift, shift which is found in the lines, details and distribution of materials, is also one of the founding axes of the creation of the pieces.


Graduated from fine arts and then from the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne as a Fashion Designer/Pattern Maker, Auriane then spent six years working for a ready-to-wear house as a Designer/Development Manager, before founding Cèucle in 2021.

Particularly attracted to the development process and pattern-making, she attaches particular importance to prototyping and attention to detail.

Blending inspirations from collage, hip-hop, deconstruction, pattern-making, minimalism and Japan, Cèucle's references include John Stezaker, Tatiana Trouvé, Gordon Matta-Clark, Fugees, De La Soul, Tadao Ando...


At Cèucle, design feeds on technique and vice versa: playing on volumes, but above all on asymmetries, tilts and shifts, while keeping in mind the constraints of cutting and making in the workshop. How can we transform a technical constraint into a design asset? How can we optimize the cut and assembly of a detail while retaining its uniqueness?

Particularly sensitive to exchanges with workshops and the transmission of know-how, Auriane chose to collaborate from the very first production with Mode Estime, a work-integration workshop based on Île-Saint-Denis.
This collaboration continues and grows with each production run and new design.
The materials used come from dead stocks, sourced from French retailers, to respond to obvious ecological concerns: creating from what already exists, to not produce new materials. But it's also a way of overcoming the technical constraints imposed by this process(limited quantities, different widths, etc.), which is a source of creative challenge.