what is our manufacturing process?

  • (re)create from existing materials: the raw materials are selected from second-hand clothes, linens and stocks of dormant fabrics.
  • second-hand clothes are washed and then combined with materials from dead stocks.
  • all the pieces are cut in our workshop to create the mixtures of materials/colors
  • the confection is carried out either in our own workshop, or by Mode Estime/Le Labo , the professional integration workshop with which we collaborate.

where are our parts made?

All of our production is based in Paris and the Paris region:

  • dormant stock of fabrics resellers / flea markets: purchase of raw materials
  • Le Labo, professional integration workshop: assembly of clothes
  • the workshop: design, prototyping, washing, cutting and mixing fabrics
  • 100% cotton labels are made in France in Billy-sur-Oisy (58)
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